Founded by a passionate group of outdoor-loving enthusiasts and visionary engineers, Hyperax was born from a shared love for adventure and a deep understanding of the needs of fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Driven by our collective passion for exploration, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize the outdoor gear industry.

At Hyperax, our foundation is built upon the blend of outdoor enthusiasm and engineering expertise. This unique fusion enables us to meticulously design and engineer premium racks that resonate with the essence of outdoor adventures. Our team's firsthand experiences in the wild allow us to intuitively understand the challenges faced by RVers and outdoor lovers, spurring us to innovate and create products that seamlessly integrate into their lifestyle.

With every product we develop, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Hyperax is not just a brand; it's a testament to the dedication of a team driven by a love for the outdoors, striving to deliver the finest in functionality, durability, and style to fellow adventurers worldwide. Join us on this journey, where passion meets innovation to elevate your outdoor experiences.

How we have helped thousands of RVers hauling their E bikes? e Biking PLUS RVing!



Attentive customer service


  • Works Great

    The HYPERAX Iridium Hitch RV Approved and SUV Hitch Mounted Kayak Rack Carrier has completely transformed my outdoor experiences. Its easy installation on my RV allowed me to carry my kayak effortlessly, making my camping trips even more adventurous. The sturdy build and secure grip provided by this rack gave me peace of mind while traveling. With a whopping 12 feet kayak capacity, it's perfect for those who love longer kayaking journeys. Overall, it's a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast with an RV, adding both convenience and safety to your travels.

    Raymond,Oct 30, 2023

  • Worth the price
    Nice bike rack and was easy to put together, we used it on our 21FT travel trailer on a trip to Colorado (700 miles). For the most part it did well, the only problem was, the outside bike bounced more than the inside bike. This caused the protective foam on the locking bar to wear off to the medal and then wore a spot on the bike. I took insulate pipe wrap and repaired the locking arm, so far it is working on my local travels. I don't think it was the bike racks being of low quality as much as the crappy roads in this great country of ours.

    Zonnies, Aug 31, 2023


    This was one of only a handful of RV-approved bike racks that can handle the weight of our ebikes. It came with one locknut missing so I messaged the company and got an immediate response. The company sent a replacement locknut (3 of them) straight from Taiwan (not PRC!) in no time! Rack itself is sturdy and well-built. No regrets buying this rack, especially with a company that stands behind their product.

    David, June 1 2023

  • Works great for E bikes
    We carried two Rad Power E bikes with no problems it’s sturdy. The tires fit great. I’m 5’2” and it was a little difficult but I could get my bike on and off. The locking clamps is a really great security feature and made me very comfortable leaving my bike.
    Kelly B., Sep 17 2023

    This is what i was looking for to haul my new ebikes. Assembly was easy and there is a good video on You Tube that was easy to follow.
    Thomas Mumper, Jan 2 2021

    Great rack. Holds 2 29" ebikes with no problem. Customer service is amazing 👏. They respond to all questions issues quickly. Highly recommend!
    Cie, April 17 2021

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