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Hyperax Limited Lifetime Warranty

Please be noted that this warranty is based on the purchaser with original retail price on a receipt or invoice(named "original purchaser''). Should this product transfer and/or sell to other person, warranty terminates. This product is solely available with personal, family and household use. It cannot be used for business or commercial purpose. We only warrant Hyperax-branded products against defects in manufacturer or delivery for the original purchaser during warranty time period specified below. If defects are believed to be caused by manufacturer or delivery after inspection by our technicians, Hyperax will remedy defects with repair or replacement, at Hyperax's option,without any charge subject to this warranty. In some cases, Hyperax may not repair or replace a defective product, at Hyperax's option, and instead issue either a refund equal to the purchase price paid for the product, or a credit to be used toward the purchase of new Hyperax products or components.

This warranty does not cover:
1.    Problems result from normal wear and tear (including, but not limited to, scratches, dents, tears, or materials oxidation of surfaces, or natural breakdown of colors over extended time and use)
2.    Commercial use, accidents, unlawful vehicle operation, or modifications or repairs not performed or authorized by Hyperax.
3.    Products are not used properly with Hyperax instructions or warnings.
4.    Circumstances go beyond Hyperax's expectation including, but not limited to, extreme weather events, theft, misuse, overloading, or failure to assemble, mount or use the product.
5.    Any damage to non-Hyperax products transported using Hyperax products or used to connect Hyperax  products.

Limitation of Liability:
Repair or replacement of a defective product or the issuance of a refund or credit (as determined by Hyperax) is the original purchaser's exclusive remedy according to this warranty. Damage or injury to the original purchaser, to his or her vehicle, cargo, or property, and/or to any other person or property is not covered by this warranty. This warranty is clearly made in lieu of any and all other express warranties, no matter oral or written. Hyperax's sole liability to any purchaser is limited to the remedy set forth above. In no event will Hyperax be liable for any lost profits, lost sales, or for any consequential, direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or punitive damages or for any other damages which were not directly and clearly caused by a defective product.

File A Claim:
We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty in your product. Before contacting us, please have the following items ready, and send to warranty@hyperax.co (For purchase made at a Hyperax dealer, please contact the dealer where you purchased your product for support.)

1. Proof of purchase, as a receipt with original price and purchase date

2. lssue description like how it happened and what caused it

3. Close-up photos of the issue

4. Photos of the entire product (front, rear and sides)

5. A photo of product serial number (Located at the side of hitch draw bar)

We will reply to you for immediate help soon.


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